Essay High Levels Of Garbage From The River Of The Stream

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I ranked my section of the stream as low, because of the high levels of trash and various pollutants that embedded the outskirts of the stream. My section of the stream received a D score of 6 and an L score of 1.

3. The top three items of trash found in the section my group was stationed at were: - Plastic Wrapper (24) - Plastic Cup/ Lid (14) -Hard Plastic Pieces (13)
A potential reason for the prevalence of these particular items could be the close proximity to shopping centers. The stream was in the center of a shopping plaza where people frequently go. The pollutants are more than likely a product of their litter and lack of properly disposing of their waste products. Several fast food restaurants serve as factors in the levels of pollutants as well. Many people may grab abide to eat, walk over to the stores to complete their shopping for the day and discard their garbage in the stream along the way. Even while we were completing this project, a group of young men drove past as threw their garbage out in the exact spot the class was working. This reinforces the notions that citizens do not care where their waste goes or the effects it has on our planet when it is not disposed of properly.

4. As a class, we went on another lab adventure, this time, it was to a local stream. We all split up into groups of three or four to properly tally and dispose of the different types of litter that had accumulated in our area. The section that I worked on with my lab…

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