Essay about Hidden Intellectualism : A Controversial Topic For Educators

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Hidden Intellectualism has been become a controversial topic for educators of late and needs to be assessed so that educators can address this particular issue and modify classroom teachiwhether or not a person with a highly evolved “street smarts” and who does poorly in an academic environment should be considered any less intellectual than one who is well acclimated to academia and categorized as an excellent student

On the one hand gerald graff argues that “real intellectuals turn any subject how ever lightweight it may seem, into gist for their mill through the thoughtful questions they bring to it. Whereas a dullard will find a way to drain even the richest subject”. The essence of Gerald Graff 's argument is that students should be given support and encouragement to read subjects that interest them, instead of content that interests us in order to take on a “intellectual identity” .Gerald then brings in his own childhood to prove his point, when he was a kid he hated books but had plenty of interest in sports, sports magazines and the annual magazines for professional baseball , football and basketball. He states he was a “ typical teenage anti- intellectual” while he was growing up he came to find that he was a part of a “community”. He was far from being “ anti-intellectual” he had been extremely inclined into the world of sports .he was able to easily argue his point about “ted williams 400 batting average” with complete strangers he had never met before, He had…

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