Hidden Global Analysis : A Story Of God 's Creation Of Heaven And Earth And All The Living

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Hidden global analysis
We need to read the first two chapter of Genesis in order to understand the basic setting of the whole story in Genesis 3. It is the story of God’s creation of heaven and earth and all the living, then the fall of the first human beings brought the human tragedy: suffering, conflict and destination.
This biblical story contents many elements/motifs of a story of ancient Near East that we need to know with a commentary! For example, where is the location of Eden? How do the ancient people understand human life and explain human suffering?
Plot (local analysis) It is clear to see two sets of conversation (scene) in Genesis 3: The first is between the woman and the snake to introduce the conflict of eating/not eating the fruit of the forbidden tree (vv. 1-5); and the snake is successful as its want (vv. 6-7). The second co nversation (scene) is between the LORD God, the man, the woman, and the snake (vv. 8-19). The high points of this story is to highlight the “deadly” results of how daring to eat the forbidden fruit look like for human beings (vv.14-19). These results (see the climax in the graphic above) show the divine resolution for human disobedience and corruption. These mark the beginning of the world concept of sin and death. Verses 20-42 are as postscript of the story to conclude several points that the ancient author wanted to express but they seems to have many illogical details, which will be indentified later.
The snake The…

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