Hester And Feminist In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

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“The Scarlet Letter is a work of feminist literature; Hester bears an illegitimate child in the puritan community; she being a female of the centuries ago stands alone in the puritan laws and religion, because it empowers her every challenge to relieve her sin”.
During the time of Hawthorne writings, his opinions of the women were very forward and powerful. His novel of 1850 has discovered the typical lessons of the feminist. In The Scarlet Letter, the main heroine Hester Prynne is the central and most prominent character. So, the knowledge about her is persuaded the early feminist considering the heroine in the writing of The Scarlet Letter. The narrator has established the work opposing a feminist central character. It describes Haster’s sin and love that has given a view of a woman’s unique.
A young and rebellious woman who exists with a fatherless child in the world of holy community is described as Haster. She is being sentenced to dress with the scarlet letter ‘A’ on her
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Her warm and affectionate education care makes Pearl a better discipline human than the puritans hard and rod applications.When the governor tries to separate her daughter, she can able to compete the Governors and saves her daughter taking away from her. Although, she has to face the confrontation with Governor Bellingham, she opposes to bring up her child boldly in a proper way she desires. Hawthorne describes Pearl an immature and a beautiful child to show that a result of love-making is pure and beautiful than an arranged marriage. (Hawthrone) Pearl also bears her mother’s appearance and strength because she has determination to accept the truth in a public platform. At the end of the text, her strength allows Dimmesdale to confess for a kiss of love that he had desired. Thus, a strong-minded character has considered which led her into a feminist

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