Heroes, Inhabitants Of An Ontological Limbo Essay

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Heroes, inhabitants of an ontological Limbo

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One of the most intriguing questions about heroism regards the delicate coexistence between heroes’ private and public spheres. A hero’s ‘valet de chambre’ (i.e. ‘valet of the chamber’), representing those who have access to his most human sides, may be contemplated as a metaphor of his private image, counterposed to his public one. The purpose of this essay is to emphasize the organic relationship between the presence of heroes’ weaknesses and the efficiency of their heroic images, considering the concept of sacrifice as a binding element between these two apparently antithetical aspects.
Though heroes do not necessarily need to discard their relatives to behave heroically, their instinct to selflessness mainly emerges from circumstances involving their families and closest friends. Additionally, the figure of the hero, whom this essay aims to explore as a ‘medium’, has always vacillated between manhood and divinity, forced to bear the consequences of his hybrid nature; thus, he is provided with free will and through the practice of sacrifice he can choose whether to make his human or godlike side prevail.
The hero’s private sphere is fundamental in order to enhance his heroic traits through the contrast. Choosing, more or less consciously, to sacrifice his individual ambitions and desires to commit to a greater good is crucial for the figure of a well-constructed hero. In these…

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