Hermes: The Myth Of The Gods

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Register to read the introduction… The myths say that he was born of Zeus alone.

Hermes is vital in settling disputes between the gods and has done so quite

often. He is the swiftest of the gods and is known to carry messages of great

importance for mortals. Helios was the sun g

od. Every day he rides his

flaming chariot across the sky high in the heavens to the Island of the Blessed.

He is the Greek explanation of the sun.

There are three more godlike

creatures that stand out in mythology. The first creature is a demigod. A

demigod is a human/god mix and because Zeus and Poseidon were promiscuous there

were many demigods. Hercules is among one of the most popular demigods. He

was the strongest and lived the longest. He was the mythological Superman

to the Ancients. The Cyclops were a menace in many myths and Hercules slew

many. The Cyclops, as a race, were around during the battle of the Titans.

The Titans were huge, odd, creatures created by Gaea and Neptune. Chronos

was a Titan. Though the Titans aren't mentioned much in the most popular myths,

there were hundreds of them who were kept pent up inside the mountains. There

were many gods and godlike creatures.

The Ancient Greek myths had
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Poseidon was the ruler of the seas. He chose the sea after his father

was dethroned because it contained many unventured adventures. While he was

in the sea, he married a Nereid and his son was Achilles. Poseidon made many

creatures to scare little Nereids. However, his wife asked him to make her

something beautiful and he created the dolphin. Poseidon wanted land to become

his kingdom se he began to sink Athens but Athene interfered. There was almost

war but Zeus and Hermes were able to settle the fight and Athene got Athens.

This anger of Poseidon toward the Athenians causes all their naval battles

to fight poorly. Poseidon sought a new wife and chose Demeter. She would

have him only if he could make the most beautiful land animal ever seen. Poseidon

took many days and created many animals close to his goal but not close enough.

Finally, he created the horse and gave it to Demeter. She thought he would


ever create something so beautiful and would then not have to marry him.

However, she married him and rode on the horse all day long. However, in

the process of making the horse, he had made other animals such as the

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