Essay on Henry David Thoreau 's Life

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Henry David Thoreau lived in the middle of the nineteenth century as a writer. Born in Concord, Massachusetts, on July 12, 1817; Thoreau had three other siblings. A quiet child growing up, Thoreau preferred walks in the woods to childhood games. When Thoreau reached 16 years of his life, he attended Harvard College and did so well enough in his first year to earn a half-scholarship. Unfortunately, Thoreau’s family could only send one of their children to college. Therefore, since Thoreau excelled as the better student of the family, he got to attend Harvard College. At Harvard College, Thoreau learned to express himself in his writing. In 1837, Thoreau graduated from Harvard and moved back to Concord. After moving back, Thoreau taught students at a school and worked for his father for a short time. In 1838, Thoreau opened up a school with his brother John. The school did remarkably well. It provided the basic studies and explored outside the box. Sadly, John died tragically in January 1842 due to tetanus. Moreover, back when Thoreau moved back to Concord, he met Ralph Waldo Emerson. A well regarded writer and thinker Emerson represented. During this time, Thoreau and Emerson became close friends. Thoreau idolized his works and Emerson cultivated his work. His time with Emerson, he joined the transcendentalists movement. Thoreau and Emerson were known to be the leaders of the movement. The transcendentalists movement promoted social reform, freedom of ideas, and a spiritual…

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