Helen Was An Ordinary Girl Essay

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June 27th, 1880 a star was born. Most people were made, but I believe Helen was created for a special purpose. Growing up in Tuscumbia, a small town in North Alabama; Helen was an ordinary girl. Loving parents with a dad going by Captain Keller, was a soldier in the confederate army serving during the time of the civil war. Following. With her mother Kate Adams Keller who originated in Memphis, Tennessee. Although, she was a southerner she had grown up like an North Town girl. The family relied on raising, chicken, ducks, and turkeys. Made their own butter, lard, and bacon. Besides that, they had a beautiful home sitting on 643 acres of land. Aside from parents Helen had a baby sister named Mildred Keller which was maybe a year younger.
In the month of February, year of 1882 Helen would reach the age of two in four more months. However, she did not make it to two as that same ordinary girl. Helen became ill. Many historians say it could have been either of these 3 diseases; scarlet fever, meningitis, or “brain fever”. Most believed it was scarlet fever. Helen sobbed sick in her bed for weeks while everyone was positive she would die. However something odd happened, her fever was gone in an instant. Years later, Helen stated her eyes being “dry and hot”, “that the sun burned her eyes”. Helens mother waved her hand in Helens face but Helen had no kind of reaction at all. They later found out her deafness, when she did not come down for the dinner when they rang the dinner…

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