Helen Keller Essay

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Activity 4 For my personal choice book I have chosen Helen Keller: The Story of My Life. I chose this book because it was very interesting to read about how her education developed throughout her life. It was also fascinating to know how she learned to understand what people were saying because she wrote how sometimes she would place her fingers on their lips and would discover what they were saying from the movements of their lips. At other times people would spell into her hand what they were saying. I also found it inspiring the way her friends helped her in her life, and not be quarrelsome to her just because she is different. In her story she mentioned how her teacher, who is also her friend, Miss Sullivan, helped her overcome her …show more content…
Helen Keller Traits Unfamiliar Words
Determined Encumbered
Persistent Eloquence Intelligent Toboggan
Understanding Frolicked Curious Inauguration Kind Innate Different Subdues
Special Inadequate
Unique Forebodings Friendly

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