Helen Keller Play: Script Essay

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MRS. KELLER - ___________________________
MR. KELLER - _________________________
DOCTOR - ___________________________
DIRECTOR ANAGNOS - ___________________________
ANNE SULLIVAN - ___________________________

HELEN KELLER - ________________________

On June 27, 1880, a girl named Helen Adams Keller, a very well-knowned writer, was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama, in a white, frame cottage called “Ivy Green.” Her parents were captain Arthur Henley Keller and Kate Adams Keller.
(Helen is two years old. Mrs. Keller enters the bedroom)
MRS. KELLER: Helen, wake up, sweety!. It’s a beautiful day!. (she tries to wake her up, but Helen doesn’t open her eyes. Mrs. Keller touches Helen’s forehead) MRS. KELLER: Helen,
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(The doctor claps his hands in front of Helen’s face. She doesn’t react) DOCTOR: She can’t see or hear. MRS. KELLER: But, why?. DOCTOR: She had a fever for at least three weeks. Whatever made Helen sick, made her blind and deaf. MR. KELLER: It can’t be!. MRS. KELLER: Give her medicine, please. There must be something you can do! MR. KELLER: What is it, doctor?. DOCTOR: It’s called Brain Fever. I’m afraid, I can’t do anything for her. MRS. KELLER: Oh, Arthur. (Mr. and Mrs. Keller hug and cry) (Helen is seven years old. Mrs. Keller and Mr. Keller are in the garden talking) MRS. KELLER: I don’t know what to do, Arthur. Helen is out of control. It’s hard to discipline her.
MR. KELLER: What did she do today?.
MRS. KELLER: This morning she refused to bathe. She doesn’t want me to comb her hair, either. And she tried to feed the baby! Can you imagine that!.
MR. KELLER: She is a danger to her new baby sister.
MRS. KELLER: What are we going to do?. She needs to learn to speak. She needs to express her feeling and emotions, that’s why she is so angry. We must find someone who can help her.
MR. KELLER: She can’t hear or see!. How do you think she will be able to express herself.
MRS. KELLER: Oh, please, Arthur, she needs us. She needs help. Let’s find someone, please.
MR. KELLER: I’ll write some letters to schools for the blind. I hope they can send someone to help Helen.
MRS. KELLER: Thank you, Arthur.
MR. KELLER: Let me go

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