Helen Keller Biography

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June 27th, 1880 a star was born. Most people were made, but I believe Helen was created for a special purpose. Growing up in Tuscumbia, a small town in North Alabama; Helen was an ordinary girl. Loving parents with a dad going by Captain Keller, was a soldier in the confederate army serving during the time of the civil war. Following. With her mother Kate Adams Keller who originated in Memphis, Tennessee. Although, she was a southerner she had grown up like an North Town girl. The family relied on raising, chicken, ducks, and turkeys. Made their own butter, lard, and bacon. Besides that, they had a beautiful home sitting on 643 acres of land. Aside from parents Helen had a baby sister named Mildred Keller which was maybe a year younger.
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It was another girl of her kind, Laura Bridgman. However, she was nothing like Helen. They went on calling Helen the deaf-blind prodigy. News reports put too much on the counts of Helen, some saying she spoke seven different languages and how she could recognize colors by touch. Through her fame she began using her supporters to donate money to a deaf-blind boy named Tommy Stringer. She put him through the same school she went to when she was younger Perkin School of Blind. Later, Helen had an eager to speak. She felt as if through sign language she could only speak to those who knew it but talking everyone would be able to understand her. Usually, deaf people don’t choose to speak because they don’t know how they sound and their voice may be a bit odd. So Annie had her doubts about it, but came to an agreement on it. Sarah Fuller, principal of a school for deaf agreed to teach her to speak. With all of them not knowing Helen needed a singing coach first so she would be able to make noise, they went along with Sarah. She could not do much for Helen, later finding out. She needed to learn how to make noise and then transform that into a word. Helen stayed mute until the end of her time …show more content…
She had found a new way to make money without a lecture circuit. Historian Francis Miller thought it would be a good idea to make a movie on Helen’s life. Three years later it was a play in Hollywood called the birth of a nation. Followed by Helen Keller deliverance a film on the silent screen. Helen began work fundraising for the blind. An organization AFB was founded for people with impaired vision. She started writing again until she could no longer. Near the death of her she was totally blind, infected boils in her skin, and covered with awful carbuncles .Before Helen died Annie did. October 20th 1936, of heart disease. After Annie’s death, Helen tried to figure out how she was going to live without her. Fortunately, a good friend Helen had named Poly took the job of Annie and read books and helped Helen to the best of her ability. Helen died in her sleep on June 1, 1968. The purpose of her creation was not just to live a quiet and boring life because of her disabilities, she couldn’t live like that. She showed the world that one like her could write, argue, travel the world, and influence thousands. Helen did what you what you would call the

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