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Novel Study Questions: I n The Heat of the Night by John Ball

Chapter 1

1. What descriptive details does the author use to make it clear that the setting of the story is a small town? 2. The character of Sam Wood is developed in several instances in Chapter 1. Discuss and develop his character by referring to: a) his opinion of his job b) the reference to killing the dog c) the Delores Purdy incident d) the conversation with the night worker at the restaurant e) Sam’s ability to cope with a crisis 3. How is the racial issue – a main theme of this book – clearly introduces in Chapter 1?

Chapter 2

1. In a well-developed paragraph, describe the character of Chief Gillespie as he is
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2. This whole chapter is dedicated to developing the character of Gillespie. Explain how each of the following help develop Gillespie’s character: a) Kaufmann’s request to carry a gun, and Gillespie’s decision on this matter. b) The letter marked ‘Very Personal’. c) The failure of Arnold to pass on the report to Gillespie. d) Gillespie’s willingness to blame Sam on superficial evidence e) Gillespie’s reaction to Virgil’s new evidence. f) The arrest of Sam Wood

Chapter 10

1. What three of Gillespie’s characteristics does the author comment on in the beginning of Chapter 10? 2. How does blaming Sam further complicate the plot? 3. What role does Virgil play during the Purdy interview? How are the Purdy’s stereotyped? 4. How Does Sam react to his arrest? 5. Does Duena’s visit with Sam add or detract from the story? Why? 6. How does the author sustain suspense throughout this whole chapter?

Chapter 11

1. Explain how the following are used to emphasize the theme of racial prejudice and injustice: a) the opening dialogue between Jess and Virgil over the Lincon b) the attack on Virgil c) The policeman’s reaction to Virgil’s statement: “I’ll prefer charges.” d) The insulting of Dr. Harding e) The attackers threat: “I demand a jury trial. You know what that means.” f) The treatment of Virgil by Mr. Purdy.

Chapter 12

1. What is the

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