Essay about Heart of Darkness vs Seasons of Migrations to the North

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“Place and displacement are crucial features of post-colonial discourse.” (Bill Ashcroft et al , The Post-Colonial Studies Reader). Explore the ways in which ‘place’ in its broadest sense affects both colonial and post-colonial writing in ‘The Heart of Darkness’ and ‘Season of Migration to the North’.

In this essay, I will be discussing how place shapes individuals and their identity. The geographical location in both novellas focuses on the northern and southern hemisphere divide between Europe and Africa. This fits in with the colonial history that occurred in that particular time period whereby Africa was colonised by England. ‘Heart of Darkness’ is a novel based on the times of colonisation and ‘Season of Migration to the North’
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This proves that the Sudanese society is not much different to that of the Europeans and that people are much similar than we give them credit to be. A sense of humanity is shown in this passage as it explains how humans do the same thing when under pressure. No matter how much cultures differ, human instincts are still the same. With both the Europeans and Africans, it is difficult to see them for who they really are.

Also, it’s difficult for African and Europeans to believe that their culture is more similar than different. This is evident when in ‘Season of Migration to the North’, the narrator says the Sudanese people “were surprised when I told them that Europeans were, with minor differences, exactly like them, marrying and bringing up their children in accordance with principles and traditions, that they had good morals and were in general good people” (pg. 3). This proves that both cultures seem to expect the opposite of each other. For Africans, Europeans seem to be ‘out of the world’ human beings that are not civilized and that is the same perception Europeans have of Africans. They try regarding each other with stereotypes, without realising that they are similar in many ways.

Sense of belonging is a crucial issue of place. People don’t naturally fit into a place, they need to adapt to their environment. Both these novellas illustrate the consequences of not fitting in

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