Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad Essay

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“We penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness” (43). This is one of many passages where Marlow uses darkness to tell his personal story about the journey he took through the Congo. This quote has both a literal and figurative meaning, where the reader must go beyond the text to truly comprehend the message of the author, Joseph Conrad. When reading this passage, it may appear that as Marlow and his crew go deeper into the Congo, the men become savage-like due to all the darkness, or evil, they are surrounded by. Joseph Conrad’s novella, Heart of Darkness, is a story about two men’s realization of their own inner evil. Marlow, an english seaman takes a voyage through the Congo River to meet the infamous Kurtz, a man whose true evil was brought out by the darkness of the Congo. The book uses a frame story technique comparing Europeans to Africans, ultimately proving that all men have evil within them, even the Europeans. Conrad uses darkness in a literal sense to create an evil mood and setting throughout the novella, while figuratively he uses it to represent the evil that lies within all men.
Conrad creates a darkness in the story through the setting. The story starts on the Nellie which seems to create a peaceful, perfect setting; however, the tone quickly changes from light to dark. As stated on page four, “...the sun sank low, and from glowing white changed to a dull red without rays and without heat… stricken to death by the touch of that gloom brooding…

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