Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad Essay

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Heart of Darkness Essay The history of dominance by the white civilians over darker-skinned individuals spans hundreds of years. The biggest attempt to “civilize” these “barbaric” humans was through Imperialism by European countries. It became such a social norm that the country that was able to “civilize” the most people was considered the most powerful country. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is a story in which characters follow a path of self-discovery to find the true nature of their hearts. However, the book has been called a racist book by many critics but it was Chinua Achebe who believed that the book was racist and so was the author. Achebe calls Conrad a racist because of his use of description and language throughout the book. However, Conrad himself cannot be claimed a racist because of the book because he was just merely using descriptions and language to bring attention to the world of racism and suppression during the 1890’s. Achebe further contradicts himself when he proclaims that fiction is “another way of looking at reality” which only further shows why Conrad was not a racist. All throughout Achebe’s criticism, he analyzed the book literally without considering the symbolic or ironic connotation. Achebe begins his criticism from the very beginning of the book. Conrad, according to Achebe, was being racist when he describes travelling on the River Congo as “traveling back to the earliest beginning of the world.” Achebe believes this quote is…

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