Hearing Impaired And Hearing Impairment Essay

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Many colleges and universities do not know what to do with a hearing impaired students because they are not aware of their needs. When a student with a hearing impairment comes to their school, it seems to be a new concept to them, the administration must learn what that student’s needs. When students have a cochlear that connects to their brain, a hearing aid that is an ear piece Students start to wonder what is in there, ear and will ask them about it. Some students ask reasonable questions; however, others ask the craziest questions. The education system must provide equal opportunities for those who are hearing impaired students in colleges, by being there, be more aware of their situations, paying more attention to the needs of those students, and be more willing to help.
Hearing aids were created in 1901by Miller R. Hutchinson (miller). There are many different types of hearing impaired classification like cochlear implants or hearing aid. Cochlear implants are because, a child will have to have surgery to attach the cochlear implant to the brain. If a person has surgery later on, they must have speech therapy to help. Hearing aids, cost $6,000 dollars apiece and then you will need two hundred dollars apiece for the mold and then $80 for the tubing in the hearing aids (types of hearing aids). Having a hearing aids is a necessity to life, not a want if I do not have them I cannot hear anyone.
American Sign Language (asl) classes help colleges by increasing…

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