Hear Her Roar: the Feminist Strengths in Phenomenal Woman and Still I Rise

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Hear Her Roar:
The Feminist Strengths in Phenomenal Woman and Still I Rise
Trista James
English Composition 1102
Professor Cameron
Indian River State College
April 10, 2013

Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou

Growing up during times of common race and gender discrimination, Maya Angelou has proven to people she is a strong African American woman who would not allow inequality of any kind bring her down. This paper describes the feminist strengths Angelou refers to and implies in her two famous poems Phenomenal Woman and Still I Rise.

Hear Her Roar: The Feminist Strengths in Phenomenal Woman and Still I
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By opening the poem with this explanation, she informs the reader of her high self-esteem and inner confidence that she possesses right from the beginning. It is believed that Angelou is indeed speaking of herself throughout her poetry; therefore, she shows us that this woman feels great about herself regardless of what others think which supports the idea that Angelou is an empowering woman inside. Angelou tells the reader that when she walks into a room she gathers attention and lists all the qualities she has that grasp people’s attention. She says that men even wonder why they are fascinated by her and tells them by listing her qualities as well. Another characteristic a strong woman must have is having the ability to be an effective leader. Angelou has proven to be a leader through her tenacity, personal values, wisdom and her extensive body of work. The contents written in Phenomenal Woman demonstrates Angelou’s inner strengths and the wisdom she has gained throughout her life. “The core concept of this piece is the value of inner beauty, charisma and personality as tools of beauty compared to physical beauty” said Mahmag Badihian (Badihian, 2011). In addition, Angelou also published a small poetic piece Still I Rise. After being raped at age eight and withdrawing from society,

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