Health Of Health Systems Privacy Essay

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Health Systems Privacy As health information is transferring from paper to electronic records, so is the need for protecting this highly sensitive information. Unauthorized access can create fear and distrust, which is very damaging to health care organization. The laws and regulations set forth to protect privacy are in place, but require enforcement and adaption as technology changes. The technological trends for protecting the storage and transference of health information are changing to meet the requirements of the system. New ethical issues arise as we try to balance the best interests of the individual versus the public good. Suggestions have been made on how to build trust and include the patient as a component for improving personal health.
Defining Health Systems Privacy Health systems privacy involves maintaining the confidentiality, control, and integrity of patient health information. Only authorized users have access to identifiable information. A strong and reliable hospital management information system (HMIS) requires the incorporation of health systems privacy planning. Health consumers value privacy protection and require it of healthcare organizations. In order for trust and satisfaction to be maintained, a continuous effort in protecting privacy must be made.
Privacy Concerns There is fear of an unauthorized person may see health information and be able to use the sensitive material in a negative way. It could lead to a denial in health…

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