Essay about Health Information Exchange

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This paper will go into the history, need, challenges and where we are now with Health Information Exchange.
What is a HIE?
A health information exchange (HIE) is a safe computer network that links the electronic health information systems of different health care providers, permitting those providers to share clinical and demographic data of patients they have in common. HIE provides the ability to electronically move health care information between various systems while maintaining the meaning of the information being exchanged. In other words HIE is technology at its best brings all the personal health information together and helps health providers make more informed decisions. The goal of health information exchange
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So a RHIO must bring together stakeholders, manage agreements among them, manage security and access to information, and manage identities and log-in credentials, so everyone accessing the local system has access to the data when they’re needed with the correct authentication and security protocols, etc.
RHIOs continue to develop to this day, but it’s important to mention that in 2004 the Department of Health and Human Services begins developing the National Health Information Network which replaces an earlier concept known as the National Health Information Infrastructure, or NHII. The current phase of the new NHIN included developing prototype architectures, and the second phase involved developing specifications and services, and developing working constructs of the new National Health Information Network.
The failure of this RHIO also spotlighted the need for health payers to be involved because the more clear return on investment to this group is able to be imagined and realized when HIE is achieved.

With the passage of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, or HITECH Act, this legislation marked the broadest federal support for HIE to date. This broad support was on several fronts.
First, the HITECH act incentivizes the use of EHR adoption among providers who adopt certified systems and are able to demonstrate that they use

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