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Health Information Exchange

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In 1990 Hartford Foundation funds, “Community Health Management Information Systems.” They gave grants to seven states and cities to develop those early prototype HIE’s. HIE focuses on quality assessments and cost reduction by streamlining patient eligibility information for billing. The problems of HIE are immature technology including slow internet connections and data integration. By the mid 1990’s Community Health
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Kuperman wrote.
Implementation of Direct services may present some pragmatic challenges as well. “From a policy perspective, an interesting question is: What proportion of the problems that HIE was intended to solve would the Direct Project solve?”(3). Kuperman posed. “From an informatics perspective, the Direct Project offers a model of HIE that is more constrained than models that involve record locator services.” (2).
However, Kuperman admitted that the Direct Project is recent and the vision emerged in early 2010. Thus, there is much to be learned about the technical, policy, privacy, security and business aspects of this approach to interoperability as well as the clinical problems that it will solve. “Direct has a strong chance of being an important step forward. It remains to be seen how much of the interoperability problem it will solve and what other components are needed to meet the interoperability needs of clinicians, the needs of the healthcare reform program, and the vision of interoperability that was laid out over a decade ago,”(1). they concluded. Using the health information exchange (HIE) provides a number of benefits for healthcare providers and their patients. This is a list of some of the benefits:
Immediate access to valued clinical information like prescription medication history
Access to information collected from health care providers across Maine
Quicker and

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