Essay on Health Care Information Systems Terms

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Health Care Information Systems Terms

June 3, 2013
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Health Care Information Systems Terms
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) - HIPAA is the federal legislation signed in 1996 to protect all patients’ medical records with privacy guidelines that are seen by health care professionals. It also gives patients more control over their medical records.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act are used mainly to protect patient information in a health care setting. HIPAA is also used to reduce fraud and abuse from health care professionals. If HIPAA regulations are not met the consequences could be great.

Electronic medical record (EMR) – An EMR is an electronic
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Personal health records are used in a health care setting to help patients take an active role in their health care management and decisions. Individuals usually see a number of different health care professionals and PHR’s keep health data readily available.

Computerized provider order entry system (CPOE) – CPOE system is a computer system designed to apply data from the pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, and patient monitoring systems to transmit the providers diagnostic and course of action. The CPOE system also alerts when the patient is allergic to the medication or there is a drug interaction.

CPOE systems are mainly used in hospitals. They are used to transmit medical orders between departments electronically. A physician inputs an order for a prescription to the pharmacy, and while the order is being transmitted, the system then lets the pharmacist know if there are any allergies to the medication, or if there will be a drug interaction.

Unique patient identifier (UPI) – UPI is a system that is used to identify a patient. An identification number is given in place of a patient’s name.

The unique patient identifier is used to help protect the patient’s privacy. It is also used to help make it easier for health care professionals to retrieve patient information from different facilities (Science Daily, 2008). The goal is to have all citizens be given a unique patient identifier.

Protected health information (PHI) – PHI is any

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