Health Care and Stage Dementia Support Essay

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In this assignment, I researched about the health problem, dementia. Dementia is one of the serious health problems Australia encounters. This is due to the fact that the aging of population in Australia is increasing. Thus, the number of people who are diagnosed as dementia is increasing every year. Brown & Edwards (2005) suggested that there are approximately 18,000 new cases of dementia in Australia every year. Harris, Nagy and Vardaxis (2006) stated ¡®dementia is a progressive organic mental disorder characterised by chronic personality disintegration, confusion, disorientation, stupor, deterioration of intellectual capacity and function, and impairment of control of memory£¬ judgement and impulses.¡¯ (p.501) Brown& Edwards (2005) …show more content…
These programs include the Dementia Education and Support Program. Their services include free councelling, carer support groups, education for family carers and workers, and public awareness activities. Moreover, the development of dementia programs and services such as ¡®The Living with Memory Loss Program¡¯, ¡®National Resources Program¡¯ and ¡®National Dementia Behaviour Advisory Service¡¯ encourages more people to participate and they give more knowledge, preparation to people with dementia and their families.

Australian government¡¯s program achieves the mission which prevents and helps with the problem of dementia. First of all, ¡®The Living with Memory Loss program¡¯ allow people with dementia to stay at home instead of going to nursing home or hostel. The program assists people the way to cope with dementia and learn how to deal with the effects of this disease, like memory loss, behavioral changes. If more people are educated about the issue of dementia, prevention and treatment can be done to reduce the prevalence of dementia. Education such as promoting healthy lifestyle, diet can reduce the risk of getting dementia. In order to prevent and decrease the cases of dementia and to find a better treatments and managements, these programs focus on

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