Essay about Health Benefits Of Physical Activity

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There are numerous health benefits of physical activity such as the prevention of several diseases including cardiovascular diseases, as well as the effects on blood pressure and blood lipids, but an important benefit is its assistance in maintaining a healthy body weight. Physical activity may be beneficial even if there are factors such as genetics in the way, and can be more effective on one’s health than overweight, and is therefore very important. For example, even if food intake is minimal, one may still be prone to obesity due to a lack of exercise. The obesity rate seems to be quickly increasing in countries such as Canada and the U.S. and is not only found among adults, but children as well. Many studies associate the increase in obesity with physical inactivity due to harmful changes in their environments. For instance, one study states that between 1986 and 1996, households with computers more than tripled from 10.3% to 31.6%, while households with two or more colour TVs more than doubled from 23.8% to 51.5%. Studies also show how easily this chronic disease can be prevented and treated with the help of appropriate physical activity. Keeping active is beneficial in many areas including control of one’s appetite and increasing the energy spent on basal metabolism. Firstly, children are among those greatly affected by this disease, for example, studies show that between 1981 and 1996, obesity among children within the ages of 7 and 13 years had tripled from 5% to…

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