Health Benefits Of Green Tea Essay

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Green tea has numerous health benefits and has been used for thousands of years. It is derived from a plant called Camellia and is steamed to maintain its green color. How does green tea aid in better health and weight loss? Health Benefits of Green Tea Green tea has countless health benefits. It contains chemicals called polyphenols that help to prevent sickness and disease by boosting the immune systems functions. In addition, it is soothing to the body and encourages vitality and alertness. Green tea is also good for the heart. It prevents clotting of the blood, swelling, high blood pressure, and lowers cholesterol. These are all factors that can cause heart attacks and other heart conditions. The polyphenols contained in green tea are very potent in stopping the spread of cancer cells. It prevents the cancer cells from spreading to other healthy cells of the body and may even destroy them. In addition, because of its ability to repair and protect cells it can also prevent other cancers such as skin, ovarian, breast, prostate and gastrointestinal cancers. Regularly drinking this tea also has other benefits. Since Green tea reduces inflammation. Using green tea cream can aide in the reduction of acne and it is less abrasive. Green tea gets rid of bad breath, defends against colds and flu, strengthens bones especially for those who have osteoporosis, regenerates a bad liver, and can reduce the harmful effects of smoking to the lungs. Studies have even shown that green…

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