Hate Crimes Within Contemporary Society Essay

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This group study was set up to explore current issues in hate crimes within contemporary society. Following an in-depth background research into religiously motivated hate crimes which was enhanced further by Paul Giannasi’s (2015) lecture, the group decided to critically analyse and explore religiously motivated hate crimes due to its prevalence in recent times.
Giannasi highlighted that the exploration of hate crime was important as it gave society a better understanding of its causes, impact and how best to tackle the problem. In order to nip the problem in the bud, Ginnasi (2015) argued that the government had the obligation to enact laws and policies which are designed to minimise hate crimes. The group therefore decided to focus on how policies, legislation and media impact on society’s perception of mainstream religion in contemporary society.

Literature Review:

21st century Britain has become a multi-cultural society that embodies different cultural perspectives and religious beliefs. These changes have ignited tensions and conflicts amongst different groups in society, thus creating an unintended hierarchical society (Giannasi 2015). Chakrabarti and Garland (2009) posited that in many instances, society identified itself through faith thus making religious hate crime a relevant issue within contemporary society. These social issues are quite evidently brought to the fore through mass media. McQuaill (2010) posited that, between the beginning of the…

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