Essay about Harlem Renaissance : The New Negro Movement

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In the 1920’s there was a large movement of African-Americans from the south to the North. This was called the Great Migration this relocation was due to the discrimination and disfranchisement of Blacks in the south. 6 million blacks poured into Northern, Midwestern, West coast cities ,largely New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, in search for a better life and job opportunities. Due to restrictions on where blacks could live, they were limited to ghettos in the inner city.2 In New York, many moved to the upper Manhattan area, particularly Harlem; in fact, by 1923, there were an estimated 150, 000 African-Americans living in Harlem.3 This migration of people helped fuse cultures and greatly contributed to what many know as the Harlem Renaissance, also called the New Negro Movement. This movement lasted from 1920 to 1930 and is characterized by heightened artistic and cultural activity with an increased level of pride within the black community.4The Harlem Renaissance helped with the advancement and acceptance of black culture in mainstream America. When analyzing the Harlem Renaissance there are three key areas that have a lasting impact: music, literature, and intellectuals.
One of the biggest impacts of the Harlem Renaissance was the music specifically Jazz. By the 1920’s jazz had become very popular amongst both blacks and whites. The rhythm of the music was unique and people feel in love with it; this is the what many call the Jazz Age. Music from black musicians was…

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