Harlem And The Harlem Renaissance Essay

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Many African Americans became quite popular due to their personal style in the aspects

of photography, painting, drama, poetry, and prose during the Harlem Renaissance. Each

aesthetic person had their own purpose for their works of art. Many of them wanted to depict the

beauty of Harlem as well as emphasize the importance of equality between races and classes.

The Harlem artists produced many great works of art in the black community from the 1920s and


There had been a few people during the Harlem Renaissance that were very well-known

for their photography; James Van Der Zee being one of them. His fascination with photography

started when he was young. While he was in fifth grade, he was the second person in Lenox,

Massachusetts to own a camera. He took thousands of pictures and even developed them himself

(McCollum). Owning a camera helped develop his passion for photography, and his photography

career started when he began to take pictures for his high school ("James Van Der Zee

Biography"). Throughout the rest of his life, he operated various photography studios and

became very well-known in Harlem in the 1920s. Hundreds of Harlem 's finest made their way to

James Van Der Zee 's studio to have their picture taken. While in Harlem, he took picture after

picture making sure that everyone could see Harlem at its best. While bringing out the light of

Harlem in his pictures, he created a record of middle-class black life, a side that was…

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