Hard Rock Returns To Prison Analysis

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Prisons are tough environments to live in because a person who commits a minor crime has to live and deal with life time criminals who do not have anything to lose. The person with a minor crime is sent to a correctional facility with hundreds of dangerous inmates who could easily snatch his/her head in a heartbeat. They could cut their throat with special knife they make to stab with no mercy. Some inmates kill because it is in their nature and is what they know but they also have inmates who dislike guards for no particular reason. Some inmates oftentimes start problems because they want to punish the officers for revenge. “Hard Rock Returns to Prison from the Hospital for the Criminal Insane” is written by Etheridge Knight. Hard Rock is …show more content…
Previous to going to the hospital Hard Rock is known for being the keenest guy in prison. His actions made him seen fearless to inmates, and they also felt the urgency to respect this heroic man. Another old trait the inmates miss about Hard Rock is his rebellious behavior. The old Hard Rock did everything in his power to make sure the guards paid for his time in jail. He set a record for being in solitary confinement for many days. Numerous inmates think what Hard Rock did to stay in Solitary Confinement for so many days is something out of this world. The other trait made Hard Rock more appealing to the inmates because he was not scared to be punished. He was rebellious and he did things they could only dream of doing because he was not scared. Unfortunately the prison doctors found a way to reprogramed Hard Rock and he is no longer the fighter which they once look up to. The new Hard Rock is submissive, calm, weak and a person who does not cause any trouble. The doctors did not have to reprogram Hard Rock, they could it have taken him to anger management problems and introduce him to god. They did not have to take his soul, his mind, his strength and who he was. Now Hard Rock is gone and the only thing the inmates have left is memories of the old Hard

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