Happy People : The Harsh Reality Of A Happy Lifestyle Essay

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The Harsh Reality of a Happy Lifestyle In today’s society, there seem to be very few places as remote and extreme as Siberia. For many individuals, Siberia is thought of as a place where the banished languish in extreme poverty and numbing cold, far away from the comforts of any civilization. Director Werner Herzog, who has always been fascinated by extreme situations, finds something else very unexpected and quite different in Siberia: happiness. In his documentary Happy People: A Year in the Taiga, Werner Herzog focuses on a remote village in Siberia and immerses the reader in the harsh lifestyle of its inhabitants. The movie Happy People: A Year in the Taiga demonstrates how a society far away from civilization and living in a harsh environment lives a happy life in that even though it is challenging, it is natural for humans. Werner Herzog brings the viewers on a journey into the remote and extreme natural landscapes of the subarctic forest, far away from civilization. This land is shown to be only accessible by helicopter in the winter when the river flowing through the village is frozen solid, and by boat during the summer months. The images of the remote settlement show that in terms of accessibility, the Taiga is quite literally separated from modern society. Because it is difficult to reach, very few people live there, and very few goods are transported in or out. Herzog presents images of open landscapes that immerse the viewer into open nature presents the…

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