Happiness: The Complex Relationship Between Money And Happiness

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There is a complicated relationship between money and happiness. Happiness as defined is a “state of being happy” which literally cannot be purchased in exchange of money. The idea of happiness in today’s world is comprise of students go to college, get a decent job, and earn money. But can money really guarantee happiness in one’s life? I believe that the phrase, “money cannot buy happiness” still applies in today’s society. The amount of money a person has does not limit the happiness in his or her life. Happiness is a mental state of well-being that came from love, respect, friendship, and time shared with friends and family. Most people who are considered “wealthy” value their belongings over experiences. Research shows that money cannot buy long …show more content…
When I was a child, I thought money can buy everything this world has to offer. I thought that I will be the happiest person on earth if I have lots and lots of money. But I was wrong. At a young age, my father worked in a different country to earn ten times the amount of money he earns in our country. We are not considered wealthy but I know we had more than enough for ourselves. When I was in school, my father would always send me the latest gadgets available in exchange of his presence. I was jealous that all my friends have their father next to them during my graduation day in elementary, while my father sent me a card and money in exchange of him walking me down the stage. At that time, I realize that I would exchange all the material things that I have, just for my father to see me and saw that he is proud of me. Money cannot turn back the time to my birthdays, graduation, and all the times that I needed my dad. “As you do well in life, it’s not the cost of choices that drives scarcity, it’s distributing finite time over them that does. And a good life, as a good product, is not about being able to do everything, but about doing enough, well enough and leaving the rest

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