Hamlet 's Revenge By William Shakespeare Essay

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Macie johnson

Ms. Walter

LA 12

1 APR.2016

Hamlet 's Revenge

In William Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet, multiple characters use revenge causing irrational behaviors. In Hamlet the main character Hamlet is seeking revenge on his uncle for the death of his father. Claudius killed Hamlet 's father because he was jealous of him having the throne and all the power. Claudius took the action of killing Hamlet’s father in secrecy. Hamlet finds out by the ghost of his father. After finding out what had truly happened to him he took revenge on Claudius and also tried framing him. Hamlet created a play to represent the storyline of how Claudius killed his father to see if he got a rise out of claudius. Hamlet would show strange behavior to throw Claudius off. He would lash out at his friends or act a different way than usual. It continued to get out of hand so much that Hamlet accidentally killed polonius believing it was Claudius. After killing polonius Hamlet got sent off to england. After hamlet was sent to england he ended up getting captured and sent messages to Claudius that he wanted to return home. Hamlet returned home, then there was a fight between Hamlet and Polonius 's son Laretes. Claudius tried to kill Hamlet by poisoning his drink but, the queen drank it instead killing her. Also the sword Laretes was using had poison on the tip to kill Hamlet. But after Hamlet was stabbed and fatally wounded he managed to stab Claudius and kill him. So Hamlets whole family…

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