Hamlet, The Prince Of Denmark Essay

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The tragic play Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark was written in the early sixteenth century by famous writer William Shakespeare. In this play Claudius and Laertes plot to kill Hamlet because of the death of Ophelia and Hamlets suspicion on the death of his father. Osric is used as a messenger for Claudius to deliver the news to Hamlet about his fencing match with Laertes. For the duel, Osric is assigned to be the referee between the two. Osric is also used to fair warn the people of Denmark that Fortinbras has arrived to claim Denmark. The role of Osric in this play is to represent the bad side of Denmark that the world sees as drunkards and fools which Hamlet despises. Osric 's Main role in Hamlet was to deliver the message from Claudius to Hamlet stating that he has been summoned to a duel with Oplelias brother, Laertes. Osric has a very small role in the play but at the same time holds a lot of weight to the story (Purcell and Somers) . Shakespeare used Osric in the play to serve for many minor functions as well. Shakespeare 's introduced Osric in the last scene of the play Hamlet, act 5 scene ii. This scene is arguably the most important scene of the play. In this scene Hamlet is informed by Osric, a foolish counter, that he has been challenged to a duel by Laertes. Osric was sent by Claudius to tell Hamlet. Hamlet agrees to the duel but was unaware of the fact that it was part of a plot to kill him. Laertes had a poisoned sword and if that wasn 't enough to kill Hamlet,…

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