Hamlet Production Elements

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Directing a play requires a lot of time and preparation. There are many different production elements that the director needs to accommodate. In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, specifically act three scene one, the production elements need to influence how the audience will see Hamlets change in personality and also how Ophelia reacts to that change. The most important production elements for this scene would include; physical movement, tone, and staging. Those three elements will highlight Hamlet’s change from an obedient son to an angry man. To launch Hamlet’s change, it is first important to establish the staging element. The environment as to where Hamlet begins his soliloquy, takes place in a big, empty room that contains only a few chairs. …show more content…
This scene is where he converts from the obedient son to the angry man. He expresses that change through his tone and also his physical movement. While Hamlet is giving his soliloquy, his tone will remain the same through most of it. His voice will be neutral and soft to represent his obedient self still. After Hamlet says: “To be, or not to be?” he will pause for a couple seconds before continuing on to prove his contemplation (3.1.56). During his pause he will go from standing to taking a seat in one of the big comfy chairs. Him taking a seat exemplifies his feeling of exhaustion fore he doesn’t know what to do. Throughout the middle of his soliloquy he will continue with the same calm voice he started with, pausing after every couple of sentences. When it comes to the end of his soliloquy although, and he sees Ophelia, the pace of his voice begins to speed up. As Hamlet says: “Soft you now, the fail Ophelia!” he would take an exaggerated pause before continuing, “- Nymph, in thy Orisons be all my sins remembered” (3.1.87-89). While he is saying that he will get up and readjust his plain, old everyday shirt as if he was trying to look somewhat put together. He will then take one more deep breath, looking around the room before he starts to move towards Ophelia where his soliloquy

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