Hamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay

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In the play Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, Hamlet is not mad. He is just acting insane in order to get revenge on Claudius. After the ghost of his father confirms that the culprit is Claudius, Hamlet decides to get revenge. The purpose of his acting crazy is to prevent anyone from knowing about his plan to get revenge. Additionally, Hamlet doesn’t show his love for Ophelia because he wants to appear abnormal. Yet, in reality he adored Ophelia. Moreover, when Ophelia dies, Hamlet confesses that he always loved Ophelia. In addition, Hamlet doesn’t kill Ophelia’s brother, he dies from the poison that Laertes put on the sword for Hamlet. Therefore, Hamlet made right decision to take revenge of his father on Claudius, by acting crazy.

After discovering that the culprit of the death of his father is Claudius, Hamlet decides to get revenge. In the beginning of the play, Hamlet always suspected Claudius to be a very man, since he married his mother after the death of his father. By marrying his mother, he attained the throne, which should have been given to Hamlet, since he is the only heir of late King Hamlet. Struggling and even locking himself in his darkroom, Hamlet isn’t able to get the answer to all the queries that he is regarding his father’s death, mother and his own life. Later as the days pass by, Hamlet see the ghost of his father, who informed Hamlet that don’t let your uncle go away with the murder. "Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder". (I.v.33).…

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