Essay on Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

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"Hamlet" is a revenge tragedy, written by William Shakespeare. Like many other tragedies similar to"Hamlet", commonly written at the same era, we expect it to follow a predetermined route. Although Hamlet initially appears to be the typical hero of most retribution plays, there is a number of unexpected factors which diverge this tragedy from the norm, and instead creates a sense of sympathy for the tragic hero, Hamlet, with the use of effective techniques and themes throughout.
Hamlet is introduced in the first Act, during the celebration of the marriage of Claudius, Hamlet 's uncle, to his mother, Gertrude;
"How is it that the clouds still hang on you?"
These words spoken by Claudius bring to our knowledge the fact that Hamlet is troubled. As we have been made aware, Hamlet 's father has recently deceased, and now it is shown that Hamlet is grieving for his father, which is made apparent in both his mood and dressing. By the way that everyone else is celebrating, it seems like Hamlet is the only one to still care and mourn for the death of his father, and this evokes sympathy further as Shakespeare has skillfully made Hamlet appear to be isolated, with no one to understand his pain or console him, including his mother. This idea continues throughout the Act as when Hamlet is alone, he speaks his true feelings;
"His canon 'gainst self-slaugher. O God, O God,"
At this moment of time, Hamlet is so consumed with self hate that he is contemplating suicide. The soliloquy is…

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