Essay on Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

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“Well, you need the villain. If you don 't have a villain, the good guy can stay home.” Christoph Waltz was exactly right in saying that without a villain there cannot be a hero. However, without Claudius being labeled as the villain when he murdered Old Hamlet, the emergence of Hamlet as the protagonist would never had occurred. Shakespeare was instrumental in depicting Claudius as the clear antagonist and villain. Throughout the play, Claudius is portrayed as manipulative, lustful for power, and corrupt, which all revolve around the central idea of deceitfulness in Hamlet.

Claudius’s manipulative personality was immediately established in the beginning of the play. Even his rise to power can be attributed to his manipulative plan to kill his brother and framing it as an accident in order to become the next king. Young Hamlet was mourning his father greatly which brought up his father’s name frequently. This was definitely not a good thing for his murderer because the more his name comes up, the more curiosity arises about how exactly he had died. This is why Claudius directly addressed Hamlet and told him in Act 1, scene 2 “Tis sweet and commendable in nature in your nature, Hamlet, to give these mourning duties to your father. But you must know your father lost a father. Tis unmanly grief.” Claudius continues his manipulative behavior throughout the rest of the play as well. Claudius’s ability to essentially persuade someone of lesser status or intelligence allows…

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