Essay on Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

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Hamlet by William Shakespeare, is a play, uses Hamlet, in a complex way. Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark. Previously Hamlet’s father Old Hamlet was murdered. After When Old Hamlet killed the King of Norway Old Fortinbras. Leaving the King of Norway son Prince Fortinbras to avenge his father’s honor. Hamlet, on the other hand, was confused when who will do such thing to killed his father, until the ghost wanders in Denmark. The ghost what it appears to be Old Hamlet who claims to have been murdered by Claudius after promising to Hamlet. The author shows that Hamlet is perceived the fits of madness at the knowledge of his father’s death when he will not lose his sense but only to act to be insane. Hamlet’s madness demonstrate by proving that Claudius did kill his father, Hamlet love for Ophelia, the act of killing Polonius, Hamlet saying horrible things to his mother and sending Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to England to get killed. To put together, Hamlet is only doing to avenge his father’s murder. Hamlet wanted proof that Claudius killed his father. Hamlet set up a play within a play. He sets the players to their preparations and tells Horatio about his plan for the play. The plan of the play will begin with a dumb show following with the player queen happily and the king taking a nap with the title of the play called ‘The Mousetrap’. The actor Lucianus nephew to the king and plays the role of the murderer. The murderer steps in and pours the poison in…

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