Hamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay

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In Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet, Hamlet establishes a façade of insanity to uncover the truth about his father’s mysterious death. In the act of doing so, Hamlet encounters several instances in which he must betray the family and friends whom he holds nearest to his heart. Polonius becomes a victim of Hamlet’s reckless outrage while attempting to act out his insanity in front of his mother. Secondly, Ophelia experiences Hamlet’s abusive words that are motivated by his madness, which drives her to her own grave. Finally, Laertes becomes the last victim of Hamlet’s strange behavior through his endeavors to avenge his own father’s death. Hamlet’s plan to create an aloof profile by portraying an antic disposition may seem clever, but in reality, he becomes the center of attention. Hamlet’s arrangements to show a deceptive appearance result in utter chaos and the painful deaths of many innocent family members.
The first victim to endure the threat of Hamlet’s radical behavior is Polonius. The father of Laertes and Ophelia, Polonius is a companion of Uncle Claudius and seeks to aide him in any way possible. After speaking with his daughter, Polonius proposes a plan to Claudius about the reasoning behind Hamlet’s apparent madness Polonius says, “…But yet do I believe The origin and commencement of his grief Sprung from neglected love” (III.2.176-178). Polonius’ theory entails that Hamlet is not mad, but simply mad in love for Ophelia, which brings about the plan to appeal to…

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