Hamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay

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Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet, presents a series of characters with complex relationships. Hamlet’s relationship with his father provides the foundation for which all others will build from, including Hamlet’s interpersonal relationship with himself. Hamlet is presented as a tragic figure whose sanity is undetermined. Throughout the film Prince Hamlet rambles on about the world around him and the thoughts that haunt him. Shakespeare seems to use Hamlet’s insanity as a way to narrate his play, as he thinks out loud. Hamlet’s sanity is based on different perspectives of characters, which are not all privilege to the same information. Hamlet refers to his madness as his enemy, but his insanity appears to protect him at certain times throughout the play. Hamlet madness allows him to deny his love for Ophelia and makes him less of a threat to Claudius, as the rightful heir to the Danish throne.
Horatio is Hamlet’s best friend, loyal confidant, and fellow student at Wittenberg. Horatio fought alongside Hamlet’s father, King Hamlet, as he killed King Fortinbras and defeated the Norwegians. Horatio seems to be accepting of the world around him, which Hamlet is driven to question. Horatio’s faith in Hamlet suggests they were of the same mind. Horatio does not question Hamlet’s sanity. It appears that Hamlet can see himself in Horatio, who in turn pursues his endeavors vicariously through his support of Hamlet as the prince. Horatio and Hamlet were both intellectuals, but Hamlet was…

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