Compare And Contrast Hamlet And Laertes

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Revenge consumes individuals from the inside out; it causes them to make rash decisions, and causes them to rely more on emotions than thought. This essentially leads people to act recklessly. A foil is a character whose personality and attitude is opposite of the personality and attitude of another character. In the play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, young Fortinbras as well as Laertes are the foils of Hamlet; Hamlet’s actions, personality and attitude are very different and very opposing to those of Young Fortinbras and Laertes. While Hamlet plans out his revenge but never acts upon it, both Fortinbras and Laertes act upon revenge at any opportune moment. Fortinbras is a character who acts quickly and rashly without thinking what the …show more content…
He does not think of the consequences that would occur if he killed Hamlet, he just wants to avenge his family’s honour. This shows how Laertes can be rash and follows his heart, whereas Hamlet is the opposite of him. Laertes is ready to poison Hamlet without any regret or fear of his own destiny. This shows how Laertes and a courageous man who believes fighting for his family’s honour will gain his respect back. After being absent from Denmark, and visiting France, Laertes wants to show that although he was not present for when his father and sister were in need, he will always have their back no matter what. This is why Laertes is willing to battle Hamlet in a dangerous game of fencing; he knows that he may have a chance of dying himself, but is selfless and goes along with Claudius’ plan for revenge. This denotes how Laertes is a hero through the perspective of him retrieving his family’s respect and honour back. As the play progresses, it is evident that Hamlet is the opposite of both Fortinbras and Laertes. He plans his revenge on Claudius for vengeance of his father, but never seems to act upon it. Although he greatly mourns his father’s death, he acts very methodically when he is planning for revenge. There are many opportunities that Hamlet has to kill his uncle Claudius, but some way or another, he ends up backing out of his plan. In act three, scene three of the play; Hamlet witnesses King Claudius praying to God. Hamlet

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