Hallyu Phenomenon Essay

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As mentioned in some previous studies, tourism agencies in Korea claiming that the popularity of the Hallyu phenomenon has led to dramatic increase in international tourist arrival.(S. Kim, 2012). Essentially to location and site associated with Korean TV dramas.
Hallyu phenomenon, or the K-wave or also called Korean Wave, refers to Korean generated popular cultural products that includes, manga, music, games, movie TV dramas, food and fashion, that made a strong penetration in the Asian Market . (“Hallyu Wave and Tourism,” 2013)but also all around the world with the involvement of his personal image. But essentially in Shout East and Est Asia.
90% of the people who are targeting are women, and 47% are between 20 and 30 years old, attracted
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The elevation of the brand image and but also the national values of Korea are keys factor for this impact.
When we refer to Hallyu or K-Wave the principal thinks that come in mind for the people who has been asked is that TV Drama are coming first.(“Hallyu Wave and Tourism,” 2013)

The Hallyu tourism in extended definition is traveling in Korea and participating in tour activities to experiences Korean culture and related activities to Hallyu tour activities. It can be said that Hallyu tourism started in 1990 with TV dram series gaining popularity and Japanese tourist visiting the film location.
This impact can be considered not only in term of tourist that Korean can have actually but also this expansion of culture. Meaning that the number of people who want to learn Korean Language increased by 4 times in 7 years from 23,000 in 2005 to 93000 in 2012(“Hallyu Wave and Tourism,” 2013).
The creation of number of new product have raised and the diversity is now very huge, with the apparition of Music show, dance school, cosmetic, fashion boutiques, spa, wedding photography package, Hallyu cafes, MD shops, books written by Korean Celebrities, theme park, exposition and
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Branding opportunities that has the potential for reaching larger audiences resulting in a greater brand impact should be considering.(Horrigan, 2010)
Advertising agencies should consider how to adopt branded content strategies for their tourism client that have the potential to create a bigger impact. Also the strategic development and alliance building or the implementation of them is not really considering. Branded entertainment is the latest industry term that has properly adopted a proper strategic perspective throw the creation of symbolic place has we can see in the table. But also by developing more and more opportunities for the consumer.(Horrigan, 2010)
The impact refers only on the aspect of the number of tourist present in the location(Braun & Soskin, 2010) but also the term of revenue generated. As we can analyze more money is spending near or during the trip of consumer. That influences the economy of the place. But also impact on the environment. Multiple think will happen, with the expansion or not of this tourism. We can identify two main thinks that will happen. It will be a short trend that means few people will surf on this wave and making profit with small investment(Ongkhluap, 2012). But the more interesting variable will be for the example the short term. This mine will produce considerable advantage for the community village or location (State). Producing work, but also

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