Essay Hallucinogenic Drugs

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Hallucinogenic Effect In modern society, hallucinogenic drugs are said to be deadly and dangerous by most communities, but through research people may completely alter their beliefs. In reality, most hallucinogenic drugs are only deadly when abused, and that is the reason why so many of these drugs get outlawed in countless of countries. Some people claim to have the most memorable and amazing experiences with these drugs; which have not been proven to be chemically addictive. The question to many still persists: are these drugs dangerous in any way? Nothing can be more mysterious and unclear than resembling the causes and effects of hallucinogenic drugs. What causes the use of these hallucinogens? Unfortunately these drugs are …show more content…
In addition, impaired thinking is common to some users. Some even claim to have trouble reading like they used too. A year after using the drug, some may go through unexpected outbursts of violence and eventually depression that may lead to death or suicide. Surprisingly, as well as psychological effects, hallucinogens have many physical effects harmful to the human body. Though this may not apply to everyone, the use of hallucinogens can lead to birth defects, miscarriages, and fatal liver damage. Yet, there are so many other legal substances that do worse, and unlike others, hallucinogens have helped and saved lives throughout the world. There are so many psychological and physical problems hallucinogenic drugs have solved and that not many people are informed about. There are a couple of examples: hallucinogens such as ibogaine can be used to help users break free from heroin addiction, magic mushroom can be used to alleviate physical pain, and ayahuasca can relieve emotional trauma. There has been many proven cases, that ibogaine does in fact work. However, this drug is illegal in the United States, and people usually have to travel to other countries to go through the procedure. In addition, the magic mushroom has been proven to help people through cluster headaches. Cluster headaches consist of severe pain and usually last 2 to 3 hours. These magic mushrooms can put about 4 months of headaches to a stop at an

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