Haitian Republic And The Dominican Republic Essay

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Haitian in the Dominican Republic
There always have been a battle between the Dominican Republic and Haiti; even though they are neighbors they treat each other as enemies. On February 27, 1844 independence was declared from Haitians, after that they protect the country from dictatorial rules. Even after the independence Haitians is still part of the history till now days. Dominican Republic has been a point of foreign immigration mostly for Haitians. In this paper I will write about the situation, and what are the cause and origin of Haitians immigration in the Dominican Republic and the most important theme how it’s affecting the country socially and how the Dominican community and government react to this situation, also how the Haitian migrate and the bateyes, the sugar industry, and the Trujillo Haitian Massacre.
The division of the island is an example of colonialism and the European struggle of control of the New World. Haiti became independent January 1, 1804 lead by Toussaint L’Ouverture. They believed that in order to entirely obtain their independence they must conquer the entire island and unified then under Haitian rule. The Dominican Republic and Haiti were united from 1822 to 1844 but there was a rebellion, a movement founded by Juan Pablo Duarte in 1838 by the trinitarios who succeed on gaining their independence on 1844. Haitian tried multiple attempts to invade the Dominican Republic but it failed and the last attempt was on 1855. These…

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