Essay about Haiti And The Dominican Republic

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The caribbean is where a small island, contains two countries within its borders and a long history of conflict. Haiti and the Dominican Republic are two different country, with completely different cultures, from religion, to the food they eat, Two countries, with two different, yet correlating stories. A story of conflict is what unites these two countries. This paper will attempt to analyse that story, and answer how this small island came to be divided into two countries, and inhabited by two peoples of such different cultures. This paper will also take a small look at the results of this history, and it’s effects on both countries..

Context of the paper

In order to understand the current situation of these two countries it is important to look back, to their history, from the beginning of the colonial period. From when Christopher Columbus "discovered" the New World in 1492. He named the island of Hayti Hispaniola – Little Spain. The Spaniards soon after discovering the island, established themselves permanently on Hispaniola, building the city of Santo Domingo. in 1521, Hernan Cortes had discovered Mexico, and Pizarro was overrunning Peru, both of these colonies were rich in gold and silver. By 1548, the Indian population had been reduced and the reserves of gold in the colony were declining. This made Santo Domingo become of less value to the Spaniards, which lead to most Spanish settlers to quickly leave the island for the richer lands of Mexico…

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