How Does The Influence Of Gutenberg's Printing Press

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There is a common saying that the pen is mightier than the sword, the idea implies that communication can always do more than even the biggest army every could. However, there is one limiting factor to the pen’s might, it is slow. It can write one letter at a time, regardless of whether the author is writing down new ideas or copying old ones, it can only produce text one letter at a time. Now this is not a major issue if only one copy of the text is needed, but suppose one hundred are needed, or one thousand. It would be both time consuming and resource intensive to transcribe that many books by hand, it was this problem that leads to the invention of the printing press, which, allowed documents to be copied one page at a time, as many times as was required. The movable type printing press revolutionized the publishing industry by allowing books to be more easily produced, which lead to education reformation, as well as cultural and economic growth in 15th century Europe. Gutenberg’s movable type printing press was an ingenious yet simple means of mass producing a text. It is important to note that Gutenberg’s Printing Press does not necessarily refer to a printing press owned and operated …show more content…
With literature more obtainable organizations such as schools were able to expand variety of topics they could teach. As the schools offered more, education became a more prominent focus in society. The children of the upper class were expected to get a formal education. As society focused on education and schools incorporated books into their teaching methods, the literacy rate of Europe increased simply because everyone had easy access to literature (Dittmar 2011, 1139). The rate of literacy was not the only benefit of cheap book production, the cities which held a printing press also experiences an economic boost from their

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