Gun Control Violence

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When citizens are not capable of defending themselves from people who have firearms, it creates a horrid situation of helplessness. David B. Kopel, a researcher at Independence Institute, have shown that gun control advocates heavily rely on the protection and services of the local police. “Although armed self-defense may be legally permissible in American legal culture, some gun control advocates consider it immoral” (Kopel, 5). Kopel then quotes Professor Friedland of the University of Toronto, “A person who wishes to possess a handgun should have to give a legitimate reason… To protect life or property… should not be a valid reason… Citizens should rely on the police, security guards, and alarm systems for protection” (Friedland, 1975 – …show more content…
These characteristics can attribute to the growing fear of guns throughout the United States. But one of the main contributors to the growing ignorance about firearms is due to the media. Social media outlets are capable of spreading a massive amount of information across the world, educating people or simply misinforming them. The media is not capable of providing an unbiased story as it makes for an anticlimactic conclusion. An example of how the media can manipulate people is by providing outdated information and biased commentary. On February 26th, 2012, Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by another man. The man claimed it was in self-defense while others assumed it was an act of racial prejudice. I am not going to debate on whether if the shooter was innocent or not, but what I do know is that the media was able to contort the perspective of how things were. For one, a picture of the victim was used to represent him throughout social media outlets. This picture was of Trayvon at the age of 14, looking young and innocent. What the media did not share with the public is of his more recent pictures at the age of 17. These pictures consist of a much older, rugged Trayvon. The pictures had Trayvon showing off both middle fingers (a vulgar expression), expressing gang symbols and gestures with his hands, and another picture of him showing off his grill. If it was not worse enough, the media used a mug shot of the shooter rather than a more updated picture of him. Many news outlets were able to convince people that Trayvon was a young 14 year old boy who was unjustly murdered by a man who looked like a criminal convict. This is one of the many examples that must be taken into account whenever a media outlet decides to cover a story as they tend to be manipulative and biased; guns are not an

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