Essay Gulliver 's Travels By Jonathan Swift

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Gulliver’s Travels By looking at Gulliver’s Travels, one can see that Jonathan Swift included the themes of physical power and political views, he mainly wrote it because he wanted to show the pettiness of human nature.
Jonathan Swift born on November 30, 1667 in Dublin Ireland, He was the son of Protestant Anglo-Irish Parents: his father passed away a few months before he was born. And for his mother she struggled without any money and that affected Jonathan to become ill. In his life he would be a High-Churchman. Jonathan suffered from Meier’s Disease, a condition of the inner ear that leaves the afflicted nauseous and hard of hearing. Jonathan’s mother donated him to his Uncle Godwin Swift, which than he enrolled Jonathan into Kikenny Grammar School from 1673 until 1682( At age 14 Jonathan swift loved to write, he found the joy behind it. He then commenced his undergraduate studies at Trinity Collages in Dublin. 1688, William of Orange invaded England reproducing the Glorious Revolution: with Dublin in very great political turmoil Trinity College was closed. In 1700 Swift established in Vicar of Laracor- given that it’s also known as a “living”, given it was a search in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin. It was very disappointing do to the fact that he desired to remain in England. In 1701, Swift was awarded a D.D. from Dublin University, and published his first political pamphlet, supporting the Whigs against unidentified publication of A Tale of a Tub, The…

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