Gulliver 's Travel By Jonathon Swift Essay

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The novel Gulliver’s Travel written by Jonathon Swift details the several voyages of Gulliver, who ends up on a number of different islands living amongst people of unusual sizes. Each group of people he encounters with have differing ideologies than his own. Perceiving him a certain way due to his size, some feeling inferior and intimated by his stature. Other using him as forced amusement due to his smaller size. Swift’s fictional account can be read as a great work of social criticism on European societies. The novel incorporates exaggeration and humour to ridicule humankind. Swift’s use of social satire presents the reader with detailed inspection on the reality of many during that period of time, however this scrutiny can also be placed upon the societies of today. Morality, manners, conflict, fear of the unknown, politics and intellect are all matters which are explored through satire in the novel. Swift does so in order to depict the irony of the human condition.

Swift is best known for his use of satire, a way of making people laugh as a form of social protest through exaggeration of things one may not like. He uses humour as a weapon to attack the vices of society and show how ridiculous their behaviour is. In the first voyage to the island of Lilliput, Swift uses satirical portraits when speaking on the conflict between the Little Endians and the Big Endians on the island. The novel further describes the reasoning behind their feud as simply being a difference of…

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