Persuasive Essay On Guantanamo Bay

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The United States has always been proud to broadcast the legal innovations the country creates in terms of fair and equal treatment to citizens in the sovereign nation, but a glaring mark on their record will forever change their legal history. Guantanamo Bay detention facility has been a controversial topic ever since its creation in 2001 by President Bush. It was a symbol for success against the War on Terror as the US filled it’s cells. After the initial year, people began to question who these prisoners were, why they were imprisoned, and what would happen to them. In the years to follow its conception, Guantanamo Bay would become a symbol not of the War on Terror, but of an astounding legal catastrophe. Ever since Guantanamo Bay became the main prison camp for detainees of the War on Terror in 2001, it has sparked many legal questions in regards to …show more content…
As America saw the process of capturing, detaining, and questioning these people, the courts began to question the legality of it all. In regards to these prisoners, they were denied their rights afforded to them by the Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War, and their constitutional rights in a sovereign part of the United States. Because of the US Court system, the prisoners are slowly gaining their due process and are realizing their rights. It is sad to think that a large scale disregard for national and international law, such as detainment in Guantanamo Bay, is what it takes to examine closely the actuals rights of a human being. Guantanamo Bay should not necessarily be closed, but the neglect of the prisoners needs to stop. Examining the improper actions held by the Bush Administration as well as correcting their legal actions brings the world forward in establishing ethical and sound treatments of prisoners such as the ones in Guantanamo

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