Descriptive Essay On Guan Art

This picture shows that there has two men, which them name guan gong. Guan Gong show in our hearts not only riding his sword the brave image, interpretation is also not just his commanding; may also be promoted standing, holding a sword image, showing the state miserly; shut apartments intended anti treacherous villain, security and peace, every success, wealth double income, and therefore suitable so people wear. The emphasis is on living life "loyalty, justice, faith, courage, wisdom, benevolence," This is not only our survival, it is our man in Italy, especially business people 's credit guarantee. From this art work, it shows that on the left side. The guan gong’s right hand rises up with the middle finger. His facial expression looks really …show more content…
On the right side of the wei wu, it looks like a red camera. On the right hand top corner with the black mark and sky blue it saids FXXX. Under the word FXXX it has a couplet with purple and green color. The black mark traditional words are gan mo qu gui qu zheng yi. It means get rid of the devil, exorcism and take justice. On the bottom of the couplet, there has a red with orange crab. Not only the left side have the pink slip, but also this side have the pink slip with black ink four Chinese words. And for this time I can see some of the words form the pink slip but because I can’t see one word so I can’t explain it. There are 15 sunflower seeds floating around the guan gong. And this guan gong looks cute but not that serious as the other one. He has the chubby face with a three long mustache. The colors that I see from this guan gong’s clothes are black, sky blue, yellow, red and green. He is holding a sword with a white and blue color. Both of the guan gong’s standing position is knee bent down. In the bottom of the middle picture, 4 tiny slip next to guan gong’s leg. Therefore, this whole picture shows that two guan gong fxxx all the thing around them, they don’t care about

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